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Office center on Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya

We bring to your attention the former building of Mosgorhleboprodukt, which is a 5-storey mansion with elegant columns and balconies. To optimize the space, a redevelopment was carried out, as a result of which the old cabinet system of the building was changed to a clean, spacious and bright "Open space". As already mentioned, the office building has a free layout; at the same time, meeting rooms are located on each floor, 2 server rooms are equipped. Bathrooms are located on each floor. Total area 833 sq.m., 5 floors + basement

+ superstructure, private parking for 5 cars, first line. The building has been renovated and a new elevator has been installed. The main advantage of this building is high transport accessibility: 5 minutes walk from the Baumanskaya or Krasnoselskaya metro stations or 15 minutes walk from the Three Stations Square. The building is located between the Garden Ring and the Third Transport Ring, which facilitates access by car. It is possible to rent the object as a whole or by floor, or to sell it.



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