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SPARK - New Generation of Entertainment Parks

Coming to spark, our little guests find themselves in a fairytale, where much of what they see was only possible in their dream, while their parents appear in the world of comfort, beauty and harmony with nature.

Everything is unlike everyday life - modern eco materials, cool designs and shapes, new use for familiar things.

Light, images, sounds, architecture, art objects are important tools in creating a festive mood.

We have plenty to offer to all our guests, both young families with children and their grandparents, companies of students and young professionals.

Working with us is both convenient and beneficial for promoters of festivals and other cultural happenings, corporate events, weddings and private celebrations.

Our park is a full-day adventure. Our guests can spend with us  the whole day since early morning until late evening and even stay overnight.

spark is unique, you won't find a similar place  anywhere in the world:

  • Light show from Sila Sveta on a path walk suspended under the tree crowns;

  • Unique quests and immersive performances ;

  • A fundamentally different approach for children to spend some quality time - not adrenaline-filled entertainment, but immersion into a fabulous, contemplative and creative journey;

  • A space full of high-quality contemporary art - installations, concerts, avant-garde presentations and performances, top-notch high-tech audiovisual shows, festivals, exhibitions;

  • Modern architecture based on wooden structures and geodesic domes that do not interfere with forest landscape;

  • Cafes and restaurants from the best restaurateurs;

  • Forest refuge from the city very close to home.

Feel free to inquire about franchise to spark up your area!

Finist the Falcon

Light Show


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